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Bare butterfly bush,

Clings to shingle, clasps dry cliff.

Will it bloom again?


© Jackie Le Poidevin


Rain starts – cormorants

And promenaders open

Black umbrellas.


© Jackie Le Poidevin

Caught in the bare tree,

The sun glares through prison bars.

I walk – set it free.


© Jackie Le Poidevin

Blown past my window,

A brown leaf lands on the lawn,

Becomes a sparrow.


© Jackie Le Poidevin

Amid bare branches,

Blown by winter winds, beech leaves

Refuse to fall.


(To mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. I was subsequently reminded that another of the concentration camps was Buchenwald, the German for Beech Wood, although I hadn’t been thinking of this when writing)

© Jackie Le Poidevin

Line of cormorants

Shake dry their outstretched wings like

Commuters’ brollies.


© Jackie Le Poidevin

Hanging out to dry,

Dive done – a cormorant’s wings

And a sleek wetsuit.


© Jackie Le Poidevin


At low tide, the sea

Slides off its chalk bed and leaves

Stone ripples behind.


Sunlight on ripples.

Which are chalk and which are sea?

Flowing rock, stone surf.

© Jackie Le Poidevin


Overflowing pond –

Bent tripod raised, proud Neptune

Is getting wet feet.

neptune (2)

© Jackie Le Poidevin

Bag for life in hand,

I pass squirrels visiting

Their convenience stores.


© Jackie Le Poidevin