In an effort to keep up with the excellent prompts at Carpe Diem, the latest being “Bathers”, I’m shamelessly recycling two haiku I posted on my blog earlier this year:

Hanging out to dry,

Dive done – a cormorant’s wings

And a sleek wetsuit.

* * *

Overflowing pond –

Bent tripod raised, proud Neptune

Is getting wet feet.

neptune (2)

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

And here’s Cezanne’s unfortunately named Large Bathers, with thanks to Chèvrefeuille for his description of the painting. I’ve admired this several times in London’s National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, along with the following two Impressionist paintings, Seurat’s Bathers at Asnières and Monet’s Bathers at La Grenouillière. Phew, that was a fight to get all those grave accents in there!



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