Bare branches touch

Over the lane where we walk

Fingers entwined.


Dappled sun on our faces,

We are blind to the shadows.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Written for Writing201: Fingers and the latest Carpe Diem Tan Renga challenge.

The goal of the Tan Renga challenge is to write a second stanza of two lines (7-7 syllables) to complete or continue the scene in a 3-line haiku. I had the honour of one of my own haiku being chosen for the challenge this week. But since a tan renga is written by two poets, my extended version is actually a tanka, which follows the same format but is written by only one person.

There are some great tan renga based on my original haiku on the Carpe Diem website, suggesting a wide range of moods – and there are still a couple of days left to have a go at the challenge.