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The thatcher’s brown dog

Curled up in leftover straw

Bundle of bristles.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

A photo book containing some of my haiku from January to March 2015 can be viewed here. The fonts in the online version have gone rather peculiar though. Everything in it is, of course, my copyright!

A chequered board –

In the hands of great men,

Pawns await their fate.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

For Carpe Diem: Chess


Pierced –

This entangled heart

Floats no more.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

For Carpe Diem Writing Techniques (Freestyle)


The beautiful photo is by Hugo Díaz-Regañón.

The haiga was written for Carpe Diem: Windmill, following yesterday’s announcement on BBC News that the bones of Miguel de Cervantes have been found buried under a convent in Madrid, 400 years after his death. His creation, the chivalrous knight, Don Quixote, famously tried to fight the windmills of La Mancha, believing they were giants.

Quest for bones fulfilled –

Bare arms reaching silently,

La Mancha’s giants.


Text (c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Today’s challenge on Carpe Diem was to write a jazz-haiku in the style of James A Emanuel (1921-2013). This is part of a series that he wrote:

Cinnamon cheeks, Lord,
cornbread smile. SONGS feed your ribs
when you’re hungry, chile.

I’ve used the same rhyming scheme in my attempt but I had to use the past tense to make it work, which feels awkward in a haiku:

By boarded-up shops,

The busker stood. For pennies

She sang: “Feeling good.”

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Slender in black,

Wrapped up till lovers arrive,

Waiting gondolas.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Venice Easter 2012 005

Venice Easter 2012 026

Written for Carpe Diem: Channel.

We visited Venice in the 2012 Easter holidays. One of the things that we saw was a squero or gondola workshop tucked away off the tourist trail in a side canal but, alas, I can’t find back the photos that I took. However, I did come across a fantastic quote online by Roberto Tramontin, one of the last traditional gondola builders, who (very nearly) described a gondola thus:

“Like a woman

In a black Armani gown

Diamond at her throat.”

OK, I’ve adapted it, but only slightly. And that, together with the photos I’ve included here, inspired my haiku.

Leaves swirl in best pot,

Poem brews, steeps, goes cold.

Down the sink, stewed tea.

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

for Carpe Diem, “unfinished poem”, guest hosted by Jen.

I like my haiku written for Monet’s Poplars better, which also fits with the theme:

Glimpsed through dark trees

Sun sparkles on water

A poem half formed.

I was trying to turn it into a tanka for this new episode, but as my tea grew ever colder, I came up with something else.

Stuffed with black suits,

The commuter train races.

Chalk giant looks on.

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin


The Long Man by Eric Ravilious, 1939. For more on this painting, go to the V&A’s website

For information on the new display of Ravilious’s works at Eastbourne’s Towner gallery, click here.  

This was written for a prompt on the theme of trains at Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars. When my train back from London passes the Long Man, or the Wilmington Giant, I breathe a sigh of relief because I’m nearly home.

My long shadow trails

As I walk, face in low sun –

Sulking, she leaves me.

* * *

My shadow lengthens

As we flee the setting sun.

Too slow: dusk takes her.

* * *

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Written for Carpe Diem Special, where the prompt was to compose a haiku in the spirit of this one by Fuyuko Tomita: Wa ga kage yo ano kado kara wa omae hitori


when I turn the corner

you will be alone