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Startled sheep

Survey flooded fields –

New flocks.

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

For Carpe Diem: Meadow


Sunburst on stone –

Relic of a simple life

Preserved for aeons.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin



I found this ammonite a couple of days ago at low tide under Beachy Head (between the two sets of steps at Pinnacle Point and Cow Gap). It was about the size of a dinner plate.

Commuter-belt home –

Family of house martins

Resides mortgage-free.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

For Carpe Diem: House

The coat of arms of East Sussex is six gold martlets (stylised house martins or swallows) on a red background, with a  silver wavy line representing the coastal boroughs of Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings, and a Saxon crown. They look like pigeons to me but there you go.




Sussex artist Mark Greco’s illustration of house martins, on the other hand, is lovely –




By the river,

Meandering, black sheep

Strays from the path.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Composed for Writing 201: Landscape.


Overnight they bloomed,

Flush of bright yellow mushrooms,

Too close to the path.

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

For Carpe Diem: Yellow, guest hosted by Jen of Blog It or Lose It.

photo 1

I came across these mushrooms on a walk last autumn on Beachy Head. My best guess is that they’re yellow waxcaps and the red variety below, which were growing close by, are scarlet waxcaps. They grow on short-sward, nutrient-poor grassland like the South Downs but are increasingly rare as these types of site disappear. Some varieties can apparently be eaten but the clue is in the name – their waxiness makes them pretty unpleasant.

photo 2

Stuffed with black suits,

The commuter train races.

Chalk giant looks on.

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin


The Long Man by Eric Ravilious, 1939. For more on this painting, go to the V&A’s website

For information on the new display of Ravilious’s works at Eastbourne’s Towner gallery, click here.  

This was written for a prompt on the theme of trains at Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars. When my train back from London passes the Long Man, or the Wilmington Giant, I breathe a sigh of relief because I’m nearly home.

A split tree stump –

Wimpled snowdrops surround it,

Moss makes a blanket.

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Written for Carpe Diem. The theme was sabi, which translates very loosely as “loneliness”, but I couldn’t bear my tree stump to be lonely once I started writing.

Birthday surprise,

Gold glimpsed by the roadside –

Early crocus.

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin