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Pierced –

This entangled heart

Floats no more.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

For Carpe Diem Writing Techniques (Freestyle)



Just we two,

Suspended in our small world,

One hot afternoon.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

For Carpe Diem: companionship.

I was thinking when I wrote this of the second stanza of John Donne’s The Good-Morrow:

And now good-morrow to our waking souls,
Which watch not one another out of fear;
For love, all love of other sights controls,
And makes one little room an everywhere.
Let sea-discoverers to new worlds have gone,
Let maps to other, worlds on worlds have shown,
Let us possess one world, each hath one, and is one.

Slender in black,

Wrapped up till lovers arrive,

Waiting gondolas.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Venice Easter 2012 005

Venice Easter 2012 026

Written for Carpe Diem: Channel.

We visited Venice in the 2012 Easter holidays. One of the things that we saw was a squero or gondola workshop tucked away off the tourist trail in a side canal but, alas, I can’t find back the photos that I took. However, I did come across a fantastic quote online by Roberto Tramontin, one of the last traditional gondola builders, who (very nearly) described a gondola thus:

“Like a woman

In a black Armani gown

Diamond at her throat.”

OK, I’ve adapted it, but only slightly. And that, together with the photos I’ve included here, inspired my haiku.

Bare branches touch

Over the lane where we walk

Fingers entwined.


Dappled sun on our faces,

We are blind to the shadows.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Written for Writing201: Fingers and the latest Carpe Diem Tan Renga challenge.

The goal of the Tan Renga challenge is to write a second stanza of two lines (7-7 syllables) to complete or continue the scene in a 3-line haiku. I had the honour of one of my own haiku being chosen for the challenge this week. But since a tan renga is written by two poets, my extended version is actually a tanka, which follows the same format but is written by only one person.

There are some great tan renga based on my original haiku on the Carpe Diem website, suggesting a wide range of moods – and there are still a couple of days left to have a go at the challenge.

Budding cherry tree –

The pair of robins alight.

I wait for you.

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

The morning star

Shines through a veil of cloud –

Venus wrapped in gauze.

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Composed for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, where the challenge was to write a haiku inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Chevrefeuille told us that Van Gogh said in a letter to his brother that the brightest star he could see from his barred window in the asylum near San Remy was Venus. Scholars have found that the morning star was indeed visible from Provence in the spring of 1889 (we can see it to the right of the cypress). The moon, however, is incorrect – it would have been waning gibbous (more than half full). The village was also not visible from Van Gogh’s cell.

A painting of a scene at night with 11 swirly stars and a bright yellow crescent moon. In the background there are hills, in the middle ground there is a moonlit town with a church that has an elongated steeple, and in the foreground there is the dark green silhouette of a cypress tree.