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A still sea –
But beyond the reef
Light dances.
(c) Jackie Le Poidevin


Five pm –

I emerge into sunlight

And cherry blossom.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin


Caught in the bare tree,

The sun glares through prison bars.

I walk – set it free.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

For Carpe Diem: Morning prayers. I wrote this haiku back in January but I’m giving it a second outing because it seems to fit nicely with this prompt. The task was to write a haiku in the style of this one by Kala Ramesh:

morning prayers
the rising sun between
my hands

One little cloud –

Daring to block out

The entire sun.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

sea foam

Clouds swirl in sea foam,

Drops of sunshine ride the waves,

Heaven visits earth.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

For Carpe Diem: There is Buddha


The lagoon gathers

Day’s dying light, reluctant

To let it go.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

For Carpe Diem: Light


With setting sun,

We pause on the world’s edge,



(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

For Carpe Diem: Reflection


Sunlight on the waves –

A miniature galaxy

Of fleeting stars.


(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Written for Carpe Diem: karumi


Sun touches the old, flint wall,

First time this year.

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

Written for Carpe Diem on the theme of wabi-sabi and for Writing 201‘s prompt, “journey”.

Glimpsed through dark trees,

Sun sparkles on water –

A poem half formed.

(c) Jackie Le Poidevin

(This was inspired partly by the Carpe Diem prompt, Monet’s Poplars on the Epte, and partly by the next day’s prompt, comparison. But mainly I was thinking of the view of the sea through the holm oaks and pine trees a mile or so from my house.)